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How To Sing BetterAre you tired of struggling to sing with passion and emotion?

Are you sick of trying to learn how to sing better without any results?

I know how frustrating it can be to try everything you possibly can think of and still not be able to sing with power, presence and freedom. That’s where Forever Singing comes to help!

Forever Singing is dedicated to helping you learn how to sing better! The motto says it all – “Let’s Learn How To Sing Better Now!”. The truth is that until we build ourselves a proper foundation for singing, we will always be searching in the dark for ways to sing better. I have learned some of the techniques that allow singers to break through the chains of uncertainty and sing with complete freedom and control – and I want to share them with you!

Within this website, you will find insightful, helpful and quality content related to…

-vocal exercises that will teach your vocal cords how to function in order to produce that  clean, clear and crisp voice
-vocal techniques that will enhance your singing ability and control over your voice
-vocal diagnostics that will keep you on the right path with your singing

…and much more!

So let’s begin unpacking how to sing better! Here are some bits of information about the website.

The Blog

The Forever Singing Blog is updated regularly with ideas on helping you learn how to sing better. The topics range from ideas on vocal health to ideas about vocal technique to ideas about increasing your vocal range to ideas about the intricacies of singing. All of this singing material is aimed at helping you learn to sing to your fullest potential. Here are a few blog posts that may be especially helpful to you!

Vocal Compression
Vocal compression can unlock all your wonderful singing tones!

How To Sing High Notes
Every singer wants to be able to sing high notes with ease…and now you can do just that!

Developing Your Head Voice
Learn how to develop your head voice so that you can sing with power all throughout your vocal range!

How To Sing With Emotion
Part of process of learning how to sing better is learning how to sing with emotion, power and passion!


The vocal articles here at Forever Singing are informative and content rich. As with the blog posts, they have one specific purpose: they are meant to help you learn how to sing better! Why not get started and have a look at a few of the vocal articles for yourself?!

Learn How To Sing Better
Is this not every singer’s wish and dream? This vocal article unpacks the idea behind learning how to sing better and what it truly means to you.

Speech Level Singing
The are many different schools of thought related to singing – the Speech Level Singing method being one of the best!

The Digastric Muscle and Singing
This tiny muscle under your chin can cause major vocal troubles, but have no fear – it can be handled!

Final Words

Like I have said before, this site is dedicated to helping you learn how to sing better now. Your questions, comments and feedback are always welcome here at Forever Singing and are available for submission via the contact page. The miscellaneous page offers random things related to singing, and if you want to find out what Forever Singing is all about, please visit the about page!

Thank you for visiting Forever Singing – “Let’s Learn How To Sing Better Now!”