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Improve Your Singing Voice

Improve Your Singing Voice | Forever SingingI will openly admit that I am a nut when it comes to practicing and improving things. I would say that it is a bittersweet quality. In some instances, it works very well. In others, well…I can waste a lot of time. Thankfully, when it comes to improving my singing voice, my personality works for me and not against me. It just takes time and practice.

Which leads me to my post today. When I talk about improving your singing voice, I’m talking about steps you can take in order for you to gradually improve the quality of your voice. I’m not talking about an instant fix that will magically make you an incredible singer – such a remedy just does not exist. However, there are some ways for you to improve your singing…it just takes time, practice and patience. You will here me say this over and over and over again. Time, practice and patience are all your friends on your journey to learning how to improve your voice. You just have to constantly make yourself aware of it. Here are some things you can do to improve your singing voice over the next couple of weeks:

1) Sit down and assess where you are at now on your vocal journey. Record yourself singing a song or two. Sit back and critically listen to your voice. Do you find yourself running out of breath? How does your tone sound? Is your inflection good? Do you have any emotion in your sound? Is your vibrato wobbly, fast, or non-existent? Does your voice break on the high notes? All of these questions are good reality checks for you. Diagnose issues that you think you may have and write them down. It’s hard to know what to practice if you don’t know what needs improvement.

2) Once you have assessed your situation, take action. With the questions I listed above, I will provide answers and exercises to help you get on the right track towards improving your singing voice.

Do you find yourself running out of breath? If this is you, you most likely need to learn about breath support and breath control. Check out the posts to learn exercises that can help you improve your breathing.

How does your tone sound? If you tone is not sounding so good, you most likely need to work on vocal cord closure and vocal compression. Both of these techniques tied together give you a firm foundation for quality vocal tone. Vocal cord closure is the most important technique followed by vocal compression. Lip rolls work wonders at building solid vocal tone.

Is your inflection good? Basically, can you control the volume of your notes as you sing? If you struggle with this, you need to work on a combination of breath control and vocal compression. Finding a balance between these two techniques gives you the ability to sing at whatever volume you desire whenever you desire.

Do you have any emotion in your sound? If you lack emotion, I wrote a post a while back entitled “How To Sing With Emotion” that deals exactly with that topic. It will guide you into improving your singing via passion and feelings. Having that sense of urgency and emotion in your voice involves a combination of vocal compression and intentional experimentation with your voice.

Is your vibrato wobbly, fast, or non-existent? I’ve written a post entitled “What Is The Function Of Your Vibrato?” that deals with this subject. It would be a good read for you. I also an article about vibrato itself that you may find beneficial. There is no secret and magic way to developing and maintaining your vibrato. It just takes a lot of intentional practice and some “Viola!” moments.

Does your voice break on the high notes? If you find your voice breaking on the higher notes, you need to teach your vocal cords how to connect and shift correctly in order to sing those high notes with power and ease. Once again, vocal cord closure is probably the most important element of singing that you will need to learn in order to master the high notes, along with keeping your larynx neutral.

Following this course of assessment and practice will definitely improve your singing. Seriously, take two weeks to assess and really practice some of these techniques. You will get better – trust me.

Many of these techniques are found in the singing program Brett Manning’s Singing Success. If you take two weeks and start to see improvements, you may want to check out the Singing Success program for yourself. It offers a comprehensive and systematic approach to improving your voice that is second to none. If you want to read my own Singing Success review, feel free to click on the link.

Have you found these tips to be helpful? What are some of the ways you have gone about improving your singing voice? I’d love to know!

Until next time, sing on my friends!

Photo Credits: Marco Raaphorst (flickr)

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