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Vocal Exercises For Singers

Vocal Exercises | Forever SingingWithin this post, I hope to give you some vocal exercises that will help you build some power and confidence in your vocal range. I want to give you a list of five vocal exercises that I personally use and find extremely beneficial for my singing voice (yes, they will be beneficial for you too!). Without further ado, let’s take a look at these awesome vocal exercises!

Top Five Vocal Exercises for Your Singing Voice

Vocal Exercises – #1: Lip Rolls
The first of the vocal exercises that I will list is the lip roll. In my own personal experience, I have found lip rolls to be the best and most consistent exercise for improving my voice. No matter where my voice is at on a particular day, doing lip rolls slowly works out the kinks in my voice and gives my voice that smooth feel. Lip rolls also help me steady out my airflow to give my voice that consistent, easy feel.

Vocal Exercises – #2: “Nays”
The second vocal exercise I recommend is the “nay” exercise. This whiny, pharyngeal vocal exercise helps your vocal cords get the correct amount of vocal cord closure. The “n” consonant gives your vocal cords that nice bit of closure while the “ay” releases your sound into the pharyngeal spot. This helps develop a smooth connection between chest voice and head voice.

Vocal Exercises – #3: “Mums”
The third vocal exercise I will list is the “mum” exercise. “Mum” is a very neutral vocal exercise, helping you to stabilize your larynx and give you the best amount of resonance space possible. It is important to keep your larynx neutral while doing this exercise (err more on the dopey side with a lower larynx) in order to free up your voice. The “m” sound also gives you solid vocal cord closure, but unlike the “nay” exercise, it tends to work on your chest voice more. This vocal exercise develops a solid foundation for you to spring into your mix voice.

Vocal Exercises – #4: The edgy, staccato “mmm”
The fourth vocal exercise is an edgy, staccato “mmm” sound. It is very squeaky and light, but it does a remarkable job at disengaging your digastric muscles and releasing your voice into your head. It is good to place your thumbs under chin during this exercise in order to completely disengage your digastric muscles. I find that this exercise is one of the most effective and rewarding exercises in the long run because it trains your vocal cords to do all the work (as opposed to “help” from your outer throat muscles).

Vocal Exercises – #5: “Goo”
The fifth and final vocal exercise I will recommend to you is the heady “goo”. “Goo” also gives you excellent vocal cord closure while letting your voice shift into your head. The “g” sound gives you some of the best vocal cord closure while the “oo” moves your resonance towards your head voice. This exercise helps you to develop a strong head voice presence. It also helps you to connect your chest voice to your head voice (so it will build up the elusive mix voice).

Practice these vocal exercises often! They will help your voice tremendously!

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Photo Credits: mikebaird (flickr)

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